Levi Hopkins-Beaverton, Oregon


I met Aubrey through a friends recommendation after she had bought a house. I was in the market to sell an estate, I had been appointed to, and after meeting with many realtors the choice became clear that Aubrey was leagues above everyone else that I had interviewed. I had contacted her 9 months in advance of listing the house on the market and she worked with me every step of the way from beginning to end. Every interaction with Aubrey and all of her associates was fantastic and full of compassion and left me feeling reassured and confident.

The services Aubrey provided to me were unmatched. I caught COVID 2 weeks before the house listed on the market & she stepped in so that I could rest and scheduled a clean out crew to remove & store all the remaining furniture. She had a cleaning crew booked before the list date. She informed me what we would need to pass inspections long before so we could have the work done. Aubrey marketed the house so well that even in rising interest rate market we got 66 groups of people through the house in 4 days. After we received our first offer she called me to explain to me, a first time home seller, what everything meant, high and low points, and what to look for. Every offer following this she called me to review as well. By the fifth day we had accepted an impeccable offer that she put an astounding amount of work into to get us the best price and terms. All of these things were included in her package at an amazing rate! We chose the lowest package of the 3 she offers because it fit our timeline and goals best, but if the situation was different I know the other packages are well worth it! And there was NO pressure from Aubrey to choose a package we didn't need.

Aubrey had her fingers on the pulse of the market and from the beginning told me what I needed to hear. When I first contacted her she recommended to get the house listed as soon as we can because the market was in a frenzy at the time, but in NO way shape or form did she put pressure on me. Unfortunately I didn't get the house ready in time, but before the market began to change she let me know the winds were shifting and again she did not pressure me. She never lied to me to tell me what I wanted to hear and she spoke the truth and set realistic expectations that she was happy to explain. She taught me so much about the market and how it works. And there are so many things I could go on and on about!

I cannot recommend Aubrey enough! She is the most outstanding Agent and person! I will be recommending her until the day she retires & be giving her a call every time I am in the market! Do yourself a favor and give her a call!

Levi Hopkins - Beaverton, Oregon | Source: Google