A Note Of Thanks

Aubrey Martin

2 min read
Just a note to express our true gratitude for your participation in our Martin Family Real Estate Community & Client Pie Event.

We had 300+ people in attendance!

Due to your generosity, we were able to gift the Tigard Grange Community Food Project with 285 pies and carloads of food donations.

Street Savvy Dog Rescue also had a wonderful night and received many donations of much needed pet food and supplies.

Special shout-out to the Translating Insurance family, whose kids Grace and Faith gave so generously from their savings.

The Martins also adopted a doggie from Street Savvy as a result of that event- this week, we welcomed Dustie (now "Poppy") to our family. You may have seen our youngest walking Dustie around the event and no one was really surprised by that turn of events :)

We also need to thank our vendors- Fancy That, Jessica Scolastico- CMG Financial, Bryce Britton- Country Financial, Translating Insurance and Arrow Coffee & Desserts, our musician Malderine and donation recipients Street Savvy and Tigard Grange Community Food Pantry for all their support and encouragement. Thank you to Alicia- a baker with QFC for 20+ years, who stepped up again this year to help us with our massive order.

This was by far the largest event we have ever hosted, and we had a LOT of help to get it organized. I would be remiss if I didn't recognize my Martin Family Real Estate crew- my husband Dan (event photographer and delivery man), my kids (pie slinger and dog walker), and my dear friend Crystal, who really is the backbone of so much of what I do.

On a personal note, honestly- this event made my heart sing. Giving back to the community is a cornerstone of our personal lives and our business plan. Knowing how many families and doggies ate well because of your generosity was just overwhelming, But seeing you all- watching your kids play ping-pong and chess and shuffleboard- seeing my past clients who hadn't met before connect in line for coffee... seeing your joyful, kind faces after what we have all been through the last years... what a gift it was for me.

I have already reserved 17 families for 2024 and am limiting my service to 60 families this year-- so I have 43 spots open for next year, should you want to buy or sell in Oregon or Washington.

In the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

And as always, happy to be of service.